System Requirements

NeighborWorks® Columbus  recommends that you visit this website using a modern web or mobile browser. This document covers system requirements for viewing and interacting with the NeighborWorks® Columbus Compass website.

Browser requirements

NeighborWorks® Columbus  supports many popular web and mobile browsers. This website is written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which most modern browsers support. To fully experience NeighborWorks® Columbus  Compass, upgrade to the latest version of one of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9-10
  • Google Chrome 26, or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 23, or later
  • Apple Safari 7, or later, for OSX
  • Apple Safari 8, or later, for iOS

NeighborWorks® Columbus  website does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8, and older IE browser versions. Consider upgrading IE to a newer version, or use an alternate browser, listed above.

For Android, NeighborWorks® Columbus  may not fully support the older versions of the default WebKit browser. Consider using the Chrome Mobile browser if you encounter problems.

Minimum version requirements for Operating Systems

  • Windows 7, or later
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3:  Firefox 23+ only
  • Apple OS 10.5, or later
  • Apple iOS 8.0, or later
  • Android 4.4, or later

Other requirements


NeighborWorks® Columbus  requires JavaScript. Consult your browser's Help section for information on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.